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Updated: Feb 28


There are few things as beautiful to behold than a well-designed building. The modern world is full of architectural genius that will one day be revered just like we revere the Pyramids of Egypt, The Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal.

Once such area of design splendour is the humble office: the last bastion of the desk-dweller. Offices are a far cry from what used to be a simple room with desks and desktop PCs (remember them?). Along with the development of technology, fashion and trends come the newer considerations of the workspace experience. Indeed, the modern office is a home from home. A favoured space. A space to feel comfortable and content. Let’s check out a few considerations of the modern office:


Quite simply, there are more people around now than 20 years ago. Coupled with the fact that commercial rent is at a premium result in businesses becoming more creative with the usage of their space. From meeting booths to alcoves: every space within an office can be useful with careful design and planning. If you’re feeling in the need for some serious inspiration, check out the Pallotta Teamworks interior. The brainchild of Clive Wilkinson Architects, this Los Angeles based charity needed a headquarters in a warehouse on a shoestring budget. This led to the architects using shipping containers to create rooms which even lead to them winning several design awards!


It would be foolish to forget that an office is place where people gather to work and, ultimately, make profit or progress for a company. With that in mind it is imperative that the layout of any office or workspace has order and functionality as well as creating atmosphere and ambience. Some considerations when planning the layout of an office:

· Consider who needs to sit together i.e. HR and payroll.

· Consider who wants to sit together. Some people just work better when they’re with their work mates.

· Consider who benefits from sitting together i.e. sales with admin to send info to clients

· Consider who benefits from not sitting together i.e. management or those who just like to focus.

· Do you have enough space in your office or do you need clever planning (or more space!)

· Remember- everyone will want a window seat!

Once the staff all have their workspace sorted, it’s then time to create the workplace ‘experience’.


The workplace experience. People spend a large chunk of their waking lives in the workplace. If that place is an office, then it is fair to say that the people who feel at home in their working environment are likely to be more productive through being at ease with their surroundings.

Look no further then a Google office to behold a shining example of what an awesome office can look like. Colours and shapes abound, and interest is viewed at every opportunity. This is just one example; there are plenty of jaw dropping offices out there including designs with city skyline terraces, indoor putting greens and even a full-sized skateboard ramp inside the building. Oh yes- and plenty of table football machines too.


If you put ‘meanings of colours’ into Google you will find examples of charts where colours will bring out certain behaviours and feelings from people. More and more, colour is being injected into the workplace to create vibrant and positive environments to bring out the best in staff. Simply put, staff should be able to draw inspiration from their environment rather than work in a room where the only focal point should be a computer.

In conclusion, the workplace should be as welcoming for the workers as their own home should feel for them in order to give them a positive experience whilst at work and get the best productivity from them in return. A good architect and interior design, in this case, is worth their weight in gold.

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